Founder & CEO

Florence Gaudry-Perkins

Florence founded Digital Health Partnerships in 2016, driven by her conviction that digital health can improve people’s lives by increasing access to healthcare information and services. Her passion grew while working as International Director for Government Affairs for Alcatel-Lucent and Nokia, where she advocated social-innovation strategy and digital health to public and private organizations, with a focus on overcoming challenges for scaling.

Her social-entrepreneurial side led her to help build a large-scale mobile-health initiative in Senegal. She also developed an ambitious national project in Mexico, using mobile technology to address diabetes and obesity with the government and various partners from the private sector and civil society.

Her extensive experience in international development, government relations, and building and managing complex partnerships is applied today to scaling digital health in developing and emerging countries. She believes in shared value and argues that global corporations now hold a responsibility to form alliances with NGOs, social entrepreneurs, foundations, governments, and international organizations to help develop sustainable healthcare models.

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